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❤ Daily Cute pictures ❤

I fell in love with my best friend. These type of relationships are the bests. He knows everything about me and I know everything about him. I know; everything he likes, his taste in everything, his fantasies, his dreams.... I basically know everything about my best friend. We had such a powerful friendship when it turns into love, it was even stronger. The thing about being in a relationship with your best friend is: you can't hide anything from him, he can tell when you are: sad, happy, angry, lying... even if you wear you prettiest smile he can see underneath this smile and see the broken girl under it. This is what I prefer about those relationships. He knows what's in your head even when you are not talking; just by looking at you. He knows exactly what to do when you feel sad and you don't have to tell him why you are sad he probably already knows. He can put a smile on your face even when you don't want to because he know how to do it. he doesn't have to ask you anything because he already knows everything about you... all your tastes and preferences. And now the best part of all of this: you don't have those awkward moment with each other; if something shameful happens it's not awkward at all, you two just laugh about it for months and it becomes and inside joke. You know exactly what makes them happy, or what makes them fall asleep. You can't be closer to him than you are. Yes, having his body close to yours is great, but when your souls know each other like they are only one soul and not two this is amazing. It's magical. You know you can do anything with this special one. No matter what you do, you know he won't think you are weird because if he thinks that he would have left four years ago. You know he will say yes to every new stupid ideas you have, even the silliest you can think of and you say yes to all of his ideas. You know he won't juge you on anything. Love like this never ends, this person always have it's special place in your heart. Both in his heart and in mine. It takes four years to build and it will take twice as long to destroy it. It's the strongest relationships of all! The feeling you get when you are close to him is indescribable...it really is...It's hard to describe that kind of love but everyone should have a love like this once in their life. I have no words to describe it but it's intense and amazing. And this was my story xx